Increasing Resilience in Young People

Harwood Conversations held with 100 high school students across four public high schools in 2018 themed on Mental Health and Wellbeing.

The Stronger Families Alliance conducted eight conversations with 100 high school students from four schools using the Harwood methodology in 2018. We wanted to find out what young people thought about their mental health, and what they required both from each other and from adults in order to attain and maintain their own wellbeing.


When young people think about their mental health they want to have a clear mind to be able to make good decisions, they want to feel good about themselves, be peaceful and in control and have positive plans for their future.

They face four major issues in achieving these aspirations:

  • Achieving positive and meaningful communication with their parents and other significant adults.
  • Achieving positive and meaningful communication, and social interaction, with each other (their peers).
  • Stress created by their own and others’ expectations, particularly, but not exclusively, related to exams and assessments.
  • Knowing how to deal with major mental health issues (when these issues are encountered either by themselves or their friends).

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Increasing Resilience in Young People – Harwood Conversations Report