Happy, healthy children, young people and families are the centre of our communities

Welcome to the Stronger Families Alliance: a network of government, non-profit and voluntary organisations working together with community to bring friendship, fun and professional support to Blue Mountains families.

Blue Mountains City Council  resources the Stronger Families Alliance as part of Council’s  support of children, young people and families living in the Blue Mountains.

We believe future generations will prosper with vibrant, child and youth friendly neighbourhoods and services that nurture wellbeing and resillience.

Alliance members harness the latest evidence about ways to solve complex child, family and community problems to improve outcomes for children and young people in the Blue Mountains City.

Central to our philosophy is the use of Collective Impact, which brings together many diverse people and organisations in the search for lasting solutions. The Child Youth & Family Plan is our current joint roadmap for action.

In 2015 the Stronger Families Alliance expanded its reach and now works from ‘conception to career’ focusing on children from pregnancy through to 18 years old. We have developed new ways of working together and are now creating a new common strategic plan – the Child Youth & Family Plan.

To download directories about services available for children aged 0 – 12, click here.

To view the directories about services available for young people aged 12 – 24, click here.

To get involved, contact the SFA Collaboration Convener.