How are we Achieving our Goals

How is the Alliance Achieving its Goals?

The Alliance has four Focus Areas: 1. Children 2. Young People 3. Parents and 4. The City.  In 2018 the Alliance set Goals for these Focus Areas and progress in these areas is outlined on the following pages:

1. GOAL: Children start school ready to learn

2. GOAL: Children and Young People are emotionally resilient and do not experience anxiety and depression

3. GOAL: Confident and engaged parents support their children’s development and learning

4. GOAL: The Blue Mountains is a Child and Youth friendly city

In addition to these focus areas for activities under the Ultimate Outcomes, the Alliance is also committed to ensuring that Families have access to collaborative service networks and the Alliance works together effectively and measures its impact

How Alliance Members contribute to Outcomes

Planning Templates

Stronger Families Alliance Members work together on agreed projects that deliver significant and measurable benefits to children, young people and families living in the Blue Mountains.

The Implementation Group Planning template  can support members identify what we are wanting to change and how we will know our impact of  these collaborative projects. The template can also help communication about Alliance activity.

Members may also want to share how their core agency work contributes to the Stronger Families Alliance outcomes . The Planning template may help communicate the activity in the broader service system that is contributing to Alliance outcomes

Examples of our planning templates can be viewed and downloaded by clicking images to the right.

Group Planning Template

Group Planning Template

Planning Template

Planning Template