Harwood Community Consultations with Children and Young People

In 2016 Blue Mountains City Council and the Stronger Families Alliance undertook a number of conversations and surveys with children and young people living in the Blue Mountains using the Harwood method of community engagement. The consultations were conducted for the purpose of informing Council and the Stronger Families Alliance’s Child and Youth Plan.

Almost 500 children and young people, and approximately 40 adults, from all over the Blue Mountains were consulted through group conversations or surveys

Overall, children and young people described a strong connection to their local area, and appreciation for both the social and environmental features of living in the Mountains;

They described a Blue Mountains which has retained a unique character with regard to both its built and environmental heritage, while gaining the benefits of sympathetic and environmentally sustainable development.

They aspired to communities which are safe, welcoming, friendly, accepting and respectful.

There was a desire for fairness, and for opportunities, services and facilities to be available equally across the community.

They hoped for more opportunities to be healthy, and to connect with peers and people of all ages and backgrounds through inclusive public spaces, events and recreational spaces.

Safe, well maintained streets with proper lighting, along with adequate foot paths, bike paths, trains, buses and town centres were seen as important enablers for connecting with others and being active.

You can find the full report by clicking on the link below

Harwood Community Consultation Report 2016