Children and young people are the centre of our work.

Our Framework for resilience and wellbeing

Our framework for resilience and wellbeing of children and young people in the Blue Mountains, is a focus on Being, Belonging and Becoming, as defined by:

Being Children and young people are safe, healthy, flourishing and have a secure cultural identity.
Belonging Children and young people feel they belong to the community and the place where they live.
Becoming Children and young people reach their full potential.
We also seek to assist those who support children and young people – their families, early learning providers and schools and community members – to nurture child and youth mental health and wellbeing.
Caring Parents, caregivers and families care for and support their children to reach their full potential
Early learning services and schools support children and young people to flourish and learn
The Blue Mountains community provides a safe, caring and supportive environment for children and young people to live
We do this by working together as effectively as we can.
Supporting Stronger Family Alliance services work together to support the above outcomes