The Stronger Families Alliance’s Child and Family Plan

The Child and Family Plan was developed by the Alliance as a tool to help its members to think holistically and act as one. The Child and Family Plan has three parts:

Part A: Strengthening families through neighbourhood service systems
Part B: Moving children and the families beyond vulnerability
Part C: Creating child-friendly communities

The Plan is designed to enable any professional, organisation or collaboration to create alignment and synergies between its own initiatives and the larger children, family and community system.

Each part of the Plan has a set of outcomes and objectives based on the best available evidence about what creates positive conditions and change for children.

With clarity provided about what approaches are best, professionals, organizations and collaborations can then chose how to take action in their unique contexts. The Plan provides starter actions / strategies that have worked well previously.

The evidence bases used to construct the Plan are summarised at the beginning of the document. Together the evidence bases set out how every person and organization can look after and promote our children’s wellbeing and resilience.

The Alliance hopes that all people interacting with children and families, from school teachers, mental health workers and community development workers to the local soccer coach, shop keeper or bush-care officer, will put the Plan into action.

Click here to gain interactive training on each part of the Plan.

Child and Family Plan 2010-2018

Blue Mountains mayor, Daniel Myles, launches the Child and Family at the Carrington Hotel, Katoomba, 20th October, 2010.